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Arrest After Brexit: Legal Implications and Procedures

With the advent of Brexit, many questions arise regarding the legal implications, particularly concerning the arrest and extradition of individuals requested by England or other countries of the United Kingdom.

Brexit and Its Consequences

Since February 1, 2020, the United Kingdom has officially ceased to be a member state of the European Union, initiating a transition period that has seen the application of specific provisions contained in the withdrawal agreement.

Extradition Procedures: European Arrest Warrant or Extradition?

A recent judgment from the Venice Court of Appeal shed light on the applicable procedures following an arrest request from England or another country of the United Kingdom. The crucial question is whether the European Arrest Warrant or the traditional extradition procedure should be applied.

Legal Decision

The Venice Court of Appeal clarified that, following Brexit, the discipline of the European Arrest Warrant is inapplicable if the individual was arrested after the end of the transition period. Furthermore, it established that even the old extradition procedure, based on the 1957 agreement among various countries, is no longer valid. Instead, the provisions of the withdrawal agreement, which include optional grounds for refusing surrender under certain circumstances, apply.

Implications for Recognition of Judgments

Another crucial issue is the recognition of judgments issued in the United Kingdom. The Venice Court of Appeal confirmed the general principles of recognizing foreign judgments but emphasized the need for judgments not to contravene Italian public policy and to meet certain procedural requirements.

Why Consult an Experienced Lawyer

Given the complexities and legal challenges related to Brexit and extradition procedures, it is crucial to consult a lawyer experienced in this field. A competent professional can ensure adequate defense and develop a targeted legal strategy to address the specific issues of the case.

In conclusion, Brexit has brought significant changes to the legal landscape, especially concerning the arrest and extradition of individuals requested by England or other countries of the United Kingdom. It is essential to understand the applicable procedures and consult an experienced lawyer to ensure effective defense and protect legal rights.

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