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Homicide and Penal Law

To Address Homicide: Expert Legal Defense ICAAOU

Homicide is the crime of intentionally causing the death of another person. There are different types of homicide, including voluntary homicide, involuntary homicide, and premeditated homicide. In Italy, the various forms of homicide carry different penalties, with an average of 12.4 years for voluntary homicide and 8 years for preterintentional homicide.

It is crucial to recognize the importance of specialized legal assistance in delicate situations like these, both for the defendants and for the families of the victims.

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Legal Assistance Services by ICAAOU

The legal firm ICAAOU, led by experienced criminal law attorneys, offers rigorous defenses without seeking media attention, especially in homicide cases. They understand the intricacies of the legal process and work without sensationalism.

The attorneys adhere to a strict policy against sensationalism, focusing on respect for the law and human dignity. Their defense is serious and professional, aiming to ensure a fair trial and avoid degrading treatment. The priority is an effective and honest defense, without any advertising purposes.

A defense without boundaries, even when it comes to crimes

Our legal defense is proactive and determined, with no limits in its commitment to ensure justice and protect the rights of our clients, even in the most complex and delicate cases related to various types of crimes. We prioritize the interests of our clients and work tirelessly to provide them with the best possible defense, acting with firmness and professionalism in every legal situation

The Fundamental Characteristics of the Crime of Homicide:

The Intent of the Act

Homicide is distinguished by the intentionality of the action, which can be voluntary, as in the case of intentional homicide, or unintentional, as in the case of negligent homicide.

In Accordance with the Law

Homicide violates the criminal laws established within a specific legal framework and may be subject to various sanctions depending on the nature and circumstances of the crime.

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Specialized Legal Guidance for Homicide Charges

In our legal firm, we are committed to providing expert and dedicated legal defense for those facing homicide charges.

With a team of experienced attorneys and a deep understanding of criminal laws, we are ready to address every legal aspect of the case with determination and competence.

Legal Assistance in Homicide Offenses

Judicial Defense and Support in Extradition Procedures, Both Passive and Active

Assistance in Appeal Procedures and Appeals Against Unfavorable Decisions

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Relying on experienced professionals in the field of Homicide Offenses is essential for effectively navigating the complexities of this legal area.

We guarantee comprehensive and personalized legal protection to address every aspect of the process