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Fighting Money Laundering: Crucial Role of Specialized Lawyers at ICAAOU

According to Article 648 bis of the penal code, money laundering is considered a crime when someone replaces or transfers money, goods, or other benefits from a non-negligent offense, carrying out operations that make it difficult to identify their illicit origin.

Self-laundering, according to Article 648 ter 1, refers to the use of money, goods, or other benefits from non-negligent offenses for economic, financial, or speculative activities, in order to hinder the identification of their illicit origin.

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Money Laundering and Self-Laundering: Legal Implications and the Need for Competent Lawyers

Money laundering and self-laundering are serious crimes with significant legal consequences. It is essential to have a specialized lawyer who fully understands the complexity of these offenses and can provide an effective defense.

A competent lawyer can navigate through intricate laws and protect the client’s rights during the legal process.

Penalties for Money Laundering and Self-Laundering

The prescribed penalty is imprisonment from four to twelve years, accompanied by a fine ranging from €5,000 to €25,000. The penalty may be increased if the offense is committed in the exercise of a professional activity and decreased if the money comes from offenses with a penalty of less than five years imprisonment.

The penalty of imprisonment from one to four years and a fine ranging from €2,500 to €12,500 apply if the money, goods, or other benefits come from the commission of a non-negligent offense punished with imprisonment of up to five years maximum.

Key Features of Money Laundering:

Impact on the Global Economy

Money laundering poses a threat to the global economy, fueling criminal activities and undermining confidence in financial markets. Illicit transactions contribute to the rise of organized crime and corruption on an international scale.

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

Anti-money laundering regulations are crucial in combating this illegal practice. Specialized lawyers provide legal advice to ensure compliance with regulations and develop money laundering prevention programs within organizations.

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or an accused to be convicted of money laundering or self-laundering, it is essential to fully understand the circumstances that led to the charges. In this context, a criminal defense lawyer specializing in these offenses can propose fundamental legal arguments for the defense of the client.

Furthermore, considering the extensive media exposure of such cases, it is of paramount importance that the defense attorney is able to protect the client’s image with competence and meticulous attention to detail.

Legal assistance in matters of Money Laundering and Self-Laundering

Legal defense and support in extradition proceedings, both passive and active.

Assistance in appeal procedures and petitions against unfavorable decisions.

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Relying on professionals experienced in the field of Money Laundering is essential to effectively navigate the complexities of this legal area. We guarantee comprehensive and personalized legal protection to address every aspect of the money laundering and self-laundering process.