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European Arrest Warrant: Legal Guidance and Assistance

The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) represents a fundamental pillar of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters within the European Union.

This instrument aims to facilitate the extradition of individuals sought between Member States for the purpose of judicial actions or the enforcement of penalties.

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Who manages the EAW in Italy?

In Italy, the EAW is managed according to the principle of mutual recognition, provided it comes from a competent judicial authority.

Our legislation provides specific criteria for the acceptance and execution of these warrants, emphasizing the need for in-depth knowledge of international regulations and investigative collaboration procedures.

European Arrest Warrant Procedure

The EAW is a judicial procedure that requires assessing the seriousness of the offense, the duration of the penalty, and the cost-benefit ratio before issuance. Only offenses of a certain gravity can be subject to an EAW, following the principle of proportionality.

Key features of the EAW procedure:

Requirement of double criminality

For many offenses, the EAW bypasses the traditional requirement of double criminality, thus expediting the extradition of individuals sought for specific serious offenses.

Conditions for surrender

The surrender of an individual can only be refused for well-defined reasons under the law, such as a violation of the principles of a fair trial.

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Who to turn to for defense against an EAW?

If you are involved in proceedings related to a European Arrest Warrant and require qualified legal assistance, our firm, ICAAOU, offers specialized legal support.

Thanks to our experience and network of professionals across Europe, we are able to competently and promptly handle any case related to the EAW.

Legal advice and assistance in case of issuance of a European Arrest Warrant.

Judicial defense and support in surrender procedures, both passive and active.

Assistance in appeal procedures and appeals against decisions related to the EAW.

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Relying on experienced professionals in the field of European Arrest Warrants is essential for effectively navigating the complexities of this legal area.

We guarantee comprehensive and personalized legal protection to address every aspect of the EAW process.