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Drug Trafficking: A Global Threat

Drug trafficking, the trade of drugs such as heroin and cocaine, is managed by powerful and international criminal organizations, often in collaboration with other criminal networks. Considered a transnational crime, it exploits legal differences between countries and the lesser enforcement capacity of some states.

Our Firm offers specialized legal assistance to those involved in drug trafficking offenses, with extensive experience in the field and knowledge of international routes and legislations.

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Clarifications on Drug Trafficking and Related Sentences

Drug trafficking includes narcotic and psychotropic substances listed in EU regulations, while a 2018 Supreme Court ruling clarified the differences between drug trafficking associations and mafia associations.

The distinctive element is the programmatic purpose of the association, with the mafia going beyond drug trafficking. It is crucial that the criminal defense lawyer has in-depth knowledge and experience for an effective defense.

Penalties for Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking carries severe custodial sentences, up to 30 years imprisonment, and can equate to the seriousness of the offense of homicide. Laws distinguish between light and heavy drugs, while criminal associations of three or more people face penalties of at least 20 years.

Sending large quantities of drugs entails aggravating factors and harsher penalties, with the Court of Cassation providing guidelines on quantities considered “large.” Penalties are increased if drugs are adulterated or mixed with other substances. For an effective defense, it is essential to rely on an experienced criminal defense lawyer like those at ICAAOU.

Key Features of Drug Trafficking:

Global Spread

Drug trafficking is a widespread phenomenon globally, with criminal networks operating in many countries and across national borders. This illegal activity affects the security and stability of communities worldwide.

Social and Economic Impact

Drug trafficking has serious social and economic consequences, causing an increase in crime, violence, and substance addiction. Additionally, it has a negative impact on the economy, contributing to loss of productivity and public expenditure on security and addiction treatment.

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For an accused to be convicted of international drug trafficking, it is essential to clarify the circumstances that led to the charges. In such cases, a criminal defense lawyer specialized in narcotics can propose a series of crucial legal arguments.

Furthermore, given the high media exposure of such trials, it is essential that the defense attorney is able to protect the client’s image with expertise and diligence.

Legal assistance in matters of national and international drug trafficking

Legal defense and support in extradition proceedings, both passive and active.

Assistance in appeal procedures and petitions against unfavorable decisions.

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Relying on professionals experienced in the field of Drug Trafficking is essential to effectively navigate the complexities of this legal area. We guarantee comprehensive and personalized legal protection to address every aspect of the drug trafficking process.