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Analysis of the Crime of Self-Laundering and Its Legal Complexities

Crime of Self-Laundering The crime of self-laundering, incorporated into the Italian legal system under article 648 ter of the penal code by Law 186/2014, establishes the culpability of actions intended to obstruct the identification of the illicit origin of goods or other utilities. This offense is characterized as being committed exclusively by the perpetrator of […]

Understanding Fugitivity in Italian Criminal Law

Fugitivity represents a specific legal concept within Italian criminal law, associated with situations where an individual voluntarily avoids complying with precautionary measures or incarceration orders. It is crucial that such a condition is declared following rigorous checks to prevent unjust trials and potential convictions. Legal Definition of Fugitivity Criminal Procedure Code According to Article 296 […]

Parity in the “Process”

The principle of parity in criminal proceedings I attended the first trial hearing of the so-called Regeni case and I reflected on the university manuals that taught me how criminal proceedings should be fair and, to be so, the parity of procedural prerogatives between Defense and Prosecution must be guaranteed before a Third and impartial […]

Arrest After Brexit: Legal Implications and Procedures

With the advent of Brexit, many questions arise regarding the legal implications, particularly concerning the arrest and extradition of individuals requested by England or other countries of the United Kingdom. Brexit and Its Consequences Since February 1, 2020, the United Kingdom has officially ceased to be a member state of the European Union, initiating a […]